data quality


  • Improve Integrity: Powerful pre and post data loading validations and confirmations provide complete confidence in the certification process

  • Increase Transparency: 100% transparency and audit trails for data, metadata and process change visibility from report to source

  • Ease of Use: Guided Workflows intuitively move business users through the entire data collection, integration and reporting process

  • Simplified Data Integration: True direct integration to any open source GL/ERP system, including SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, with powerful pre-built XF Integration Connectors with drill back and drill through technology

  • Ensures all solutions benefit from pre and post load data validations and confirmations to ensure that your data is right at every step in the process

  • Shorten close and budget cycles and improve data quality with immediate error notifications that include the key information needed for end users to quickly and easily correct issues and complete processes accurately

  • Gain critical visibility into data, adjustments and changes at every level in the consolidation or planning process